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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Superbly September: STC's comeback

::Show That Cap's Comeback::
STC with patterns: RM13 each w/out shawl,
RM11 with any shawl purchase.
Hello again! STC is back! We carefully selected designs that will look nice showing off with ur shawls. We will be uploading some restocked ones later too~Hapi Shoppeng! :D
1 Sold! - Lin
1 Sold! - Hirni
Red Retro(5pcs)
1 Sold!- Bahiah

ShawlChantek's Superbly September; Part 1(cont)

::Superbly September, Part 1 (cont)
RM18 each

Paint Drops (2pcs)

Material: Sheer Chiffon

1 Sold! - Aida

1 Sold! - Munie

1 Sold! - Wan

1 Sold! - Salina

1 Sold! - Yanie

1 Sold! - Farhana

ShawlChantek's Superbly September;part 1

::ShawlChantek's Superbly September, Part 1::
RM17 each
Halu ladies! August was kind of slow with uploads, as I was busy with my engagement preparations. Sempena mlm sebelum 31st August ni, I thought 'hey, i upload the new ones for september lah' u are gals, the first edition of superbly September. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish my good friends; Syaida, Aiya, Fifi a Happy birthday in advance~ :)
Happy shopping gals!

Milky Way(6pcs)

material: Chiffon with a mixture of georgette

1 Sold! - Aida

1 Sold! - Anna

1 Sold! - Anim

Thlora Lines(2pcs) *same design as plora&blora lines*

Material: Light Chiffon

1 Sold! -Fatin
1 Sold! - Yanie


Material: Chiffon with a mixture of georgette

1 Sold! - Aisyatul

1 Sold! - Hani

1 Sold! - Wan

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Awesome August: Part 3

::Awesome August Part III::
From RM17-RM18 each~
*material: Variety of Chiffon*

Swoop in Phink (4 pcs)-RM17-

*Material: Light Chiffon*

1 Sold! - Anna

1 Booked! - Hafeeza

Crayonlah (8 pcs)-RM17-

*Material: Chiffon* (will restock soon!)

1 Sold! -Dyla

1 Sold! - Nashua

1 Sold! - Hani

1 Sold! - Umi

Black Kenanga(2pcs)-RM17-

*Material: Chiffon*



*Material: Sheer Chiffon*


1Sold! - Dyla

1 Sold!- Jehan

1 Sold! - Indah

1 Sold! - Asyiquen

1 Sold! - Sofhatun

Smoke (2pcs) RM18


Square One in Teal-RM17-

*Material: Light Chiffon*

1 Sold! - Hanis

Monday, August 10, 2009

ShawlChantek is Back!

::ShawlChantek on Hiatus::

Halu dearies,
ShawlChantek will be on hiatus for this week (10/8/09-16/8/09). Therefore, I'll be delivering shawls for last weeks delivery only. U can still order shawls, but ada delay sket lah to get a reply. ALL orders for this week will be delivered next week. so i suggest u hold on to ur $money$ first yeah!

::ShawlChantek is Back!!!::

Halu ladies! ShawlChantek is back kicking and never felt better! As all of you are aware, SC has been on hiatus for the past week. Therefore, sorry for all the late replies, late deliveries. No worries, everything will be sorted out today! Some of you asked "gi cuti ke?".. Actually, I was at home most of the time, but had my hands full. I got engaged last Sunday! Thanks to every single one of you. Yela, for making this blog something I never could have imagined! Here are some pictures I'd like to share. Happy viewing!

p/s: all post deliveries for last week's payment will be delivered today!

me and my dear friends~

My fiancee, Mr. Buan~ :D

p/s: the shawl im wearing during engagement, sape2 yg berminat nak beli(bkn mine la, i mean a new one), can email me and let me know what colour u want okie.

:: Engagement Shawl, RM55 each::
**NEW!** Im taking orders for anyone interested in purchasing the 'engagement shawl'. Dont worry gals, im not selling my personal shawl masa tunang taking orders(new ones that is).. you can choose the colours urself, and i'll see what i can do. Sorry ade satu colour je gmbr. this is made-to-order basis. email me if u're interested! **NEW!**

(click on pic to enlarge)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Special: 'Show That Cap'

::August Special!: 'Show that Cap'!::
Hello again! This time around, there's a new product from ShawlChantek, due to some requests and demands from my regular customers; now am sharing it with all of you.. it's called 'Show the Cap (STC)'.
Basically, this is a anak tudung funky munky. First, u wear the STC. and then, wear ur shawl over it, and the purpose it is to bagi anak tudung ni nmpk kt bahagian depan. hence, show the cap!.heheh..
Usually, klu plain STC, u wear with floral shawls, and if u wear floral STCs, u pakai ngn plain shawls, baru lah superb!

Material: 100% grade A lycra.
Promotional August Price: RM10 per piece RM13 per piece
or RM11 with any shawl purchase.


STC Tiny Paisley: SOLD OUT!


*also available in plain black. email shawlchantek for details*

Awesome August!: part 2

::Awesome August; Part II::
RM18 each
*material: Sheer Chiffon*

Peacock Pride (6 pcs)

Sold out

Bubbles (6 pcs)

1 sold!- Ai'shah

1 sold! - Fairuz

1 Sold! - Ina

1 Sold! - Kien

1 Sold! - Husna

Monday, August 3, 2009

Awesome August!: Part 1

::Awesome August!; Part I:
RM17 each
*Material: Light Chiffon*

Halu ladies! We meet again in August, sorry yea for the late updates, been busy lately. Anyway, Awesome August is here and to those who missed out our Happy Hour the other day, here are the shawls.. there will be more to come, but August will be a bit slow, as Im preparing for some events. To those yang tanya pasal stock2 shawls tu, very sorry kamu-kamu semua, kadang2 mmg dah abeh stock n tk dpt nk restock..huhuh.. we have limited pieces and usually sapa yg cpt book tu, will be given priority. yg mana boleh restock, ShawlChantek will definately restock for you yeah!

eh dah byk cakap..hapi shopping! :D

Green Luruh (2 pcs)

1 Sold! - Ana

Wormtale White (6pcs)

1 Sold! - Moon

1 Booked! - Hafiza

1 Sold! - Tim

Abstractful *editor's pick!* (8 pcs)

1 Sold! - Moon

1 Sold! - Olin

1 Sold! - Khairun

1 Sold! - Dyla

1 Sold! - Aisyatul