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Monday, January 26, 2009

ShawlChantek Epi 4!

::Rainbow Edition::
Long Chiffon-Georgette Shawls, Approx. 1.8m
RM 14 each,
Buy 2 for RM 26
I chose 19 BEAUTIFUL colours for u gals to choose! Geram tgk warne2 yg chantek2 ni..macam nak amik sume je..hihihih... Chiffon -georgette is slightly rougher than silk chiffon.

NOTICE: ShawlChantek dah susun mengikut colour coordination, from HOT to COLD..(macam lagu Katy Perry plak).

IMPORTANT!!! please baca!
Colour mungkin sightly berbeza from actual shawl. So if minat any particular tu, boleh terus email and I will personally send another CLOSE-UP picture together ngn model yg pakai that colour, so u will have a better picture okie! nak soh model try sume 19 colour leh pengsan kot.hihi

The COLD colours

01: Navy Blue -Sold!
02: Teal Sold!
03: Blue -Sold!
04: Light Turquoise -Sold!

05: Gray Matter -SOLD!
06: Baby Blue-SOLD!

07: Off-White-SOLD!

The HOT colours

08: Brink Pink-SOLD!

09: Coral Pink-SOLD!

10: Orange Zest-SOLD!
11: Sunny Yellow - Sold!

12: Light-light brown -SOLD!
13: Choc Brown -SOLD!
14: Dark Choc - SOLD!
15: Purple- SOLD

16: Carmine Pink-SOLD!
17: Plain pink-SOLD!
18: Light pink-SOLD!
20: Soft purple - SOLD!