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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding Rental!

::ShawlChantek's Wedding Gallery::
Dresses and Accessories for rent

Yahoo! Finally! Done uploading my wedding stuff for rental! Here are some pics I've managed to find and capture. Im renting out from little things such as veil, tudung, shawl, tiara, tanjak, sampin etc2..sehinggalah baju pengantin ku itu! Prices are negotiable, so please email me at for quotations yea!

thank you for your everlasting support! :D

Wedding veil 01
-Sesuai for Akad nikah ceremony, pure white!-
-Heavy lace border with beading-
-Length: Approx. bila berdiri tu, sampai bawah punggung-

Wedding Veil 02

- Combination of dark pink flowers and heavy beading with a tinge of peach--Length: paras punggung-

-Elaborate border that will 'wow' everyone! cewah!-

Tanjak, Sampin & Bengkung

-Comes in Dark red/pink color- (picture above looks very close to actual colour-- Comes with Brooch for the tanjak and keris(upon request)-

Rent the WHOLE look!
Package includes:
Groom: Baju Melayu + Coat (Light Peach), Sampin, Tanjak, bengkung, Keris + Aksesori lelaki lain
Bride: Whole set of kebaya pengantin, Veil, Tudung, Tiara, Aksesori (brooches, rantai etc) and shoes if ur a size 6! hee~
FOC: Fresh hand bouquet!
email me at for quotations

(Click on image to zoom)

-Pics of my baju penantin-

Sepit 'Spider' & white beaded shawl for rent
-Sepit color: Silver-
-Shawl color: White with elaborate beading!-

Silver Tiara
Bekas Cincin (customize according to your theme)

Silver tray (comes in 3 sizes, small, medium, large)
*this pic shows size S*

Flower arrangements
(email for customized decorations according to theme)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

ShawlChantek's 2010 CLEARANCE

::ShawlChantek's 2010 CLEARANCE!::
RM7-RM18 only!!!!!
yep! its that time of the year! we're clearing out remaining stocks with SPECIAL discounts for u! This will let us put room for more new materials in the future! Grab our hot deals!

No. 1-7 : ALL RM7 each!

No 1: 1 sold, 1 more left!

No. 3: 1 Booked, 1 more left!


No. 8-25: ALL RM10 each!
Buy 2 for rm18!

No. 8 :Sold Out

No. 15: Sold Out

No. 18: 1 Sold, 2 available

No. 19: 2 Sold, 2 available

No. 22: Sold out

No. 24: Sold out

No. 25: Sold out


No. 26-30: RM12 each!
buy 2 for RM20

No. 26: Sold out

No. 28: 1 Sold, 1 more left

No. 29: 2 Sold, 2 left

No. 30: Sold out


No.31-32: RM14 each!
No. 31: Sold out
No. 32: Sold out

Instant Hijabs, RM18 each!!
(email me for more colours)

ShawlChantek's Comeback Edition

::ShawlChantek's Comeback Edition::
RM16 each only!
Material: Chiffon georgette

Colour-me (2pcs)

Geometry (2pcs)

Wild-Berry (2pcs)