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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank you very much!

::Thank you!::
Thank you ladies and gentlemen for supporting our first ever happy hours. From time to time, ShawlChantek will be bringing more suprises yeah, coz u gals have been super supportive, with almost everything! Tak sangka bukak blogshop, would be getting loads of friends too.package lah korang ni! hihihiih.. Thanks again, n yg paling penting, have a nice weekend. yey !!!!
(muka gembire..*hugs*)

Friday, July 24, 2009

::Shawls on Humans..again! :D::
Special thanks to these 2 gorgeous ladies, Alia and Zatil for their superb pose with ShawlChantek :).. Although these shawls are no longer available, i reallly100x appreciate picss from u gals :D

Alia singing along with Purljamas

Zatil looking fantabolous in Silk Fiesta.

Friday, July 17, 2009

ShawlChantek Joli July;Part 5

::Joli July; Part 5::

RM17 each

*material: Light Chiffon*

Hello girls, this is out last edition for July, part 5. byk tuh.. Feast ur eyes and happy shopping! :D

Blora Line(2pcs)


1 Sold! - Ayan

1 Sold! - Masyitah

Plora Line(4pcs)


Pastel Fever II (4pcs)


1 Sold! - Kak Diba

1 Sold! -Eti

1 Sold! - Mizah

1 Sold!- Herdy

Siput Dots in Black (3pcs) SOLD OUT

1 Sold! - Ayan

1 Sold! - Shazea

1 Sold! - Syaz

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joli July; Part 4

::Joli July; Part 4::
RM17 each

Orange Molecule (2pcs)

Pastel Fever (10pcs)

1 Sold! -shazea

1 Sold! - Suhana

1 Sold! - Fai

1Sold! - Sarah Laila

1 Sold! - Munie

1 Sold!- Fatymah

1 Sold! - Aishah

Flora Lomo(6pcs) *Mr Buan's Choice!*

1 Sold! -Roziana

1 sold! - Fadz

1 Sold! - Nadiah

1 Sold! - Najia

1 Sold! - Wan Afiqah

Monday, July 13, 2009

ShawlChantek: Joli July: part 3

::Joli July; part 3::
RM20 each

*material: Sheer Chiffon*

note: omaigod, very vibrant colors, limited pieces sbb dah abeh time kt booth. ni yg tinggal. klu tak cukup, kene pre-order yea. So nice with our baju kurung raya nnti!heeeee!!! nak raya dah! :D

Pady Poppy (5 pcs)

1 Sold! - Munie

1 Sold!- Suhana

1 Sold! - Ain Nadzirah

Gorges (4pcs)

1 Sold! - Munie
1 Sold! - Suhaha

Twylime (2 pcs)


Joli July: The Plains are Back~

::Joly July; The Plains::

RM12 each(NP:rm14)..

*Material: Chiffon Georgette:*

*Grab them! limited pieces, ni sale Jualan Malaysia, bg special price :D*








Earth Colours(from top)
Choc Brown-SOLD OUT
*Very light brown-Sold out
Light Purple-one more left

The Pastels(from top)

Light green(4)-SOLD OUT

Baby Blue(3)-SOLD OUT

Baby Phink-One more left

Off White

The Warm Colours(from top)
Merah Hati-Soldout

Back to Basic (from top)
Black-still available
Dark Brown-Still Available
* maybe slightly different from original colour

Thank you!

::Terima Kasih, Daun keladi::

Thank you for those who made it! For those who didn't, great discounts were given away peeps (sajekasi jeles sket).. ShawlChantek will open more booths insyaAllah kt tempat2 lain plak yg lagi best lepas ni ye! :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ShawlChantek's Booth at Showru Cafe!

::ShawlChantek at Showru Cafe 11 July 09::

Halu ladies! Good news! :D we'll be participating with A Fair Weekend on the 11th July 2009, starts 12pm-8pm. Hope to see all of you gals/guys kat sana nanti. I'll attach the map for your reference (to tell u the truth, i pon tatau exactly where the place is :D). ShawlChantek will be collaborating with ButangChantek, Oh-Sweetness!, and a couple of friends with yummy2 goodies.

You can expect all shawl collections at special prices. You'll receive a free gift jika anda membeli 3 shawls! so kumpul2 kawan2, kakak2, makcik2, jiran2, meh dtg booth ShawlChantek ye! Masa ni laa nak belek kain shawl, cipon ke, silk ke, polyester ke, okie!
Cara-cara memakai shawl pon akan ada demo nanti upon request :P
p/s: we will reveal NEW NEVER SEEN BEFORE shawls kt booth nnti. so be the first to tgk! kt blog shawlchantek takde lagi ni! :D

VENUE: SHOWRU CAFE, SS7, KELANA JAYA (Sebelah stadium Kelana Jaya)


TIME: 12PM - 8 PM.

Hope to see my customers and newcomers too! :D see youu there!!!!!

*map nak pergi ini Showru Cafe, jgn tersesat, anything, cn email me for more direction guides*
Ladies, for those yg ckp map kat atas ni tak clear, pls visit this link from Google Maps to get a better view. kat sini, I have made one direction from the federal highway to ShowRu cafe utk menyenangkan anda semua.
hope to see you ladies there! :D
p/s: Landmarks near ShowRu Cafe: Stadium MPPJ Kelana jaya, Tasik Kelana Jaya, LHDN Kelana Jaya. Thanks !