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Monday, May 25, 2009

ShawlChantek epi11: Juicy June!

Hello! June is near the corner and we have some new items to show! We are more experimental now, playing with more colours!! Have a look at this Juicyyy edition! :D
::Juicy June Edition::

Green Mambo (2pcs) RM17
*material: Light chiffon*

1 Sold! - Fadz

1 Sold! - Asyiqen

Mambo (2pcs) RM17


Phink Prism(2pcs) RM18

*material: light chiffon*

1 Sold! - Nad

1 Sold! - Farah N.

Mr. Cheezle(2pcs)RM20

*material: drapy chiffon,flowy*

1 Sold! - Fadz

1 Sold! - Huda

PurlJamas RM20


*material: Drapy Chiffon,flowy*

1 Sold! - Fadz
1 Sold! - Hani

2 Sold! - Huda

1 Sold! - Shaz

Prettals RM27 *Editor's pick*


*material: Chiffon +synthetic silk (not 100% silk)*

1 Sold! - Ina
1 Sold! - Fadz

1 Sold! - Faezah

1 Sold! - Arxar
1 Sold! - Munie

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sari for sale!

Halu!!! ok, hari ni bukan nak jual shawl(peminat shawl harap bersabar utk June edition)..
ni nak jual Sari bagi pihak adik.. all these saris(ada ke such word..belasah je) are FROM INDIA. ori punye dari the quality is very2 good. most of them are silk. For this quality, kalau carik kat kl, ada laa dalam RM200-300 depending on design. Tapi kt INDIA,sari2 murah!!!! so kat cni, we are selling WAY CHEAPER for this type of HIGH QUALITY saris.. Boleh buat baju kurung / kebaya/kurung kedah utk hari raya..Chantek!! :D
::Kain Sari::
Length: 6meters
Suggestions: Can be tailored into 3 pieces:
Option 1: 1 piece baju kurung moden, 1 piece baju Kebaya, 1 piece Kain Kebaya(kain leh share pakai ngn baju kurung moden).

Option 2: 1 piece Baju Kurung, 1 Piece Baju kurung Kedah, 1 piece kain baju kurung biasa.

Sari01: RM120

(Small golden flower motifs for the top and gold thread sulam for the kain)

Sari02: RM120

(Bluish-green top with gold thread flowery motives and kain has gold flower-leaves sulaman. Has a nice border for the bahagian tangan and hujung baju too)

Sari03: RM120
(Light pale green coloured top with small flowey motives and rich butter colour for the kain with golden flower motives)
Note: Didnt get a good shot of the kain design. email me if interested, and will re-capture for u :D)

Sari04: RM120
(Off-white top with soft flowery motifs; sweet and innocent. Kain is light brown in colour with light embroidery)

Sari05: RM140

(colour: Deep Purple paisley design for the top while kain has heavy rich embroidery.Top has 'diamond' stones scattered. Note: The deep purple colour is just rich and sophisticated!)


Sari06: RM140
(picture shows exact colour: Top has Flower embroidery while Kain has sulaman benang emas)

Sari07: RM140

(Lovely blue flowery motif top with diamond stones and kain with rich heavy embroidery ala-ala songket)


Sari08: RM140

(Brown top with beautiful paisley motif and scattered diamond stones while kain has rich embroidery)


Friday, May 15, 2009

ShawlChantek welcomes Butang Chantek!!!

::A warm welcome to Butang Chantek!::

Well, have we been promoting blogs this week! Well, before the weekend kicks off, ShawlChantek wants to share another blogshop named Butang Chantek!. No, they are not selling butangs or buttons, but Butang Chantek was created to cater blouse2 cuuuuteeee utk gadis2 kt luar sana. To people who are wondering, "ni ShawlChantek punye blog gak ke?"..well, it's kinda obvious coz trademark "Chantek" tu dah di adapt dalam nama Butang Chantek' ...heee~
Please please visit us and tell your friends yea. InsyaAllah kalau the sambutan is great, we'll add more pretty blouses in the future! till then, have a noice weekend !!!! :D (sgt excited dah nak weekend)

*please click on icon to surf ButangChantek!*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ShawlChantek welcomes Oh! Sweetness

ShawlChantek welcomes...
Oh! Sweetness
Halu ladies, ShawlChantek wants to promote a new comer in the blogshop world..

This blog has just been launched, selling hand-made bags. So the next time we go grocery shopping, just ditch away ur plastic bags and use this cute canvas totes instead! They are also suitable to put A4 files, so boleh pakai gi kelas! yippie~... I really adore their bags, so thought of promoting them for u ladies!..

p/s: Oh! Sweetness owner, i want a free bag after this yea *wink*..hihihi

*The first edition of Oh! Sweetness Canvas totes!* cute!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Elegant Edition: part 4

:: Elegant Edition: Part 4::
RM20 each
Material: Light Chiffon, flows beautifully
Length: 1.7m

Pasta Sauce (4 pcs)


Flamero (4 pcs)


1 Sold! - Amalina

1 Sold! - Sarah

1 Sold! - Dot

Cakar Ayam (4 pcs)

1 Sold! - Sarah

1 Sold! - Alyum

1 Sold! - Ella

Cakar Ayam in turquoise (4pcs)

*editor's pick*

2 Sold!

Distortion (6 pcs)

1 Sold! - Alyaa

1 Sold! - Kamilah

1 Sold! - Niema

1 Sold! - Fatin

1 Sold! - Zuliana