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Monday, May 10, 2010

::ShawlChantek's May Collection. Part 1 ::

::ShawlChantek's May Collection::
STC-RM10 each or RM8 with any shawl purchase
Shawls: RM12 each
*All items sold separately*

STC Moss green-green-beige-RM10-SOLD OUT
Shawl Mosaic Purple-RM12

STC Brown-Black-Beige-RM10- SOLD OUT
Shawl Mosaic purple-RM12

STC Black-Plum-Beige-RM10
Shawl phink Mosaic-RM12

STC peach-violet-grey-RM10-SOLD OUT
Shawl Phink Mosaic-RM12

STC peach-black-violet-RM10-SOLD OUT
Shawl Red Mosaic-RM12

STC Blue-Black-Beige-RM10-SOLD OUT
Shawl Green Mosaic-RM12

STC Plum-Black-Beige-RM10(STC Booked!)
Shawl Kuih Lapis-RM12 -SOLD OUT

STC Black-Phink-Beige-RM10(STC Booked!)
Shawl Stripy Greeny-RM12 -SOLD OUT

STC White-Green-Violet-RM10
Shawl Stripe Greeny-RM12

STC Blue-Phink-Beige-RM10
Shawl Stripe Candy-RM12 -SOLD OUT