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Monday, March 30, 2009


::ShawlChantek on Humans::

It's been a while since I've uploaded pics of humans. Here are some for u to imagine. Some of these shawls are already out of stock, but uploading them anyway, coz i really appreciate pics spashly from customers! :D
Slamat menjamu mata (tkleh nak cakap hapi shoppeng, coz humans are not for sale,*wink*)

ShawlChantek epi8: Carnival Time!

::Carnival Collection::
RM 18 -23 each

Seaweed (3pcs) RM18 each

Rumpai (5pcs) *sequel from Seaweed* :D

Oil Paint(2 pcs) RM18 each


1 Sold! - Hani

1 Sold! -Iema

restocked! (4 pcs)

1 Sold! - Lyana

1 Sold!- Maz

1 Sold! - Zainatul
1 Sold! - Ween

Rimba (3pcs)RM18 each (all booked & sold!)


::Carnival Collection 2::
RM 25 each

Magnificent Magenta (restocked, 2 pcs)

Brownie (10 pcs)
1 Sold!- Nadirah
1 Sold! - Moon
1 Sold! - Athiah
1 Sold!- Jihani
1 Sold! - Hanita
1 Sold! - Liana
1 Sold! - Nurul
1 Sold! - Rose
1 Sold! - Aleen
1 Sold! - Sara

All Glam (6pcs) *Mr. Buan's Choice!*

1 Sold!- Naz

1 Sold!-Nadirah

1 Sold! - Hani

1 Sold! - Aleen

1 Sold! - Beeha

:: Carnival Collection 3,::
RM30 each (Material: 100% Silk.)

Secret Garden (4pcs)

Fiesta (4 pcs)


Carnival (4 pcs)

1 Sold!
1 Sold! -Hani
1 Sold! - Athiah
1 Sold! -Fairuz

Fireworks (4pcs)


Sunday, March 29, 2009

ShawlChantek, epi 7: April Carnival~

Epi 7: April Carnival Shawls!!!

Yippie! It's approaching April. and yes, April is all about fun & colours! This time around, ShawlChantek has lined up all COLOURFUL and VIBRANT shawls just for you from all ranges; Chiffon to Silk! yep, more choices to choose from!

Sorry for the delay in uploading the photos. Got caught up with the weekend :D. Here we go~ Hapi going ga-ga (i did anyway,heee) and hapi Shoppeng ladies! :D

p/s: for all the pre-orders, do find ur name in the Shawl list below *wink*. Thanks!
Oh ya, I'm trying to give the best price i can give, therefore prices stated below are fixed. Thanks!

::Fiesta Collection::
RM 16 each nett

Flint-Stone (2 pcs)


Yekewak (2pcs)


Yolk (2 pcs)

1 Sold! - Naz

1 Sold! - Dyia

Kurdish(8 pcs)


1 Sold! -Moon

2 Sold! - Hani

1 Sold!- Athiah

1 Sold! - Khairun

1 Sold! - Syafina

1 Sold! - Aishah

1 Sold! - ida

Flames (2pcs)

1 SOLD! - Nadhirah
::Fiesta Collection 2::
RM20 each
Neon in Purple (5 pcs)
2 Sold!
- Hani
1 Sold! - Beeha

Neon in Green (2 pcs)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sneak Preview April. Taking Orders :)

RM 16-RM20 each~

Hello there! Just a sneak preview for u ladies. these are some of the new collection lining up for April. All pictures are closed up only. nnti dah April, baru standard pics with names will be uploaded :P
I'm taking orders rite now, but all will be delivered starting April, because currently ShawlChantek is settling March orders. just let me know which one you fancy, n can drop any enquiries at .! Hapi viewing!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Time for Pre-order : April

Hi girls, wow, time really flies! it's nearly April! For those of you who have ordered shawls that are out of stock; smartis, sarsie,peacock in beige, Arabian night, paramesium, and others, please drop me an email at to pre-book supaya tidak kecewa nanti :)
just put the subject:PREORDER:APRIL on ur email subject,pandai2 la saya nanti :) I will restock insyaAllah next week, so keep ur orders coming in before 29th of March eyh..
Last but not least,ShawlChantek mengucapkan terima kasih byk2 for all the support & ideas. InsyaAllah next month, ade new things to come! whee!

Terima Kasih =)

+ Terima Kasih *smile* +

No new shawls for today. New shawls coming this APril. nanti kan~!! :)
By the way, this post is to thank my fun customer, Huda, for making a review of ShawlChantek at her blog, Here is a screen shot of her blog. Special thanks to Huda, glad to have u as my customer. a FUN one too!

It really means a lot! :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ShawlChantek Magical Ed, part 2

Hello ladies! More noice shawls uploaded! Hapi Shoppeng!
:: Magical Edition, part 2::
RM16 each
Paramesium in Green (2pcs)(same as paramesium in previous2 post)
1 Sold! - Aiya
1 Sold!- Aizam
Blue Tunnel ( 2 pcs)
SpiderWeb (2pcs)

ShawlChantek, Epi 6: Fabulous Flowers!

....And ShawlChantek is back! laptop baru masih tak dapat lagi, that's y things are a bit delayed. Anyway, not to waste more time, here are the updates! important for ShawlChantek Luvers!

  • Phink River has just been restocked. 10 pcs only. Grabgrabgrab!(Find whether there are any left in post :March Entry,goodies goodies)
  • Brown Flower also have been restocked. Extra 4 pcs for u.
  • Paramesium also restocked. Check out previous post to place order

Last but not least, the exclusivvveeee Shawls waiting to be loaded..

::Exclusive Shawls from ShawlChantek::
Epi 6: Fabulous Flowers!

material: soft light chiffon. flows nicely

RM 23 each

Peacock in Beige (6pcs)


1 Sold!-Anna

1 Sold! - Arien

Peacock in Turquoise (2 pcs)
1 Sold! - Iecha

Sweetest ( 6 pcs)

1 Sold! - Izni
1 Sold! - Anna
2 Sold! - Hani
1 Sold! - Nurul

Orange Flora *Editor's pick!!

(Note: ni bukan tudung sarung, ekin etc2, it's a shawl yg ade satu bahagian plain. For photos with human, pls email).

1 Sold! -Izni
1 Sold! -Aishah
2 Sold! - Nurul
1 Sold! - Fairuz

Rose Flora(5pcs)


1 Sold!- Izni
1 Sold! -Anna

1 Sold! - nurul

Orange Rhink(4 pcs)

1 Sold! - Faezah

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


HEllo ladies. i'll be quick. my laptop as well as my colleagues' were stolen today.
All information in terms of order & bookings are in there. I will sort things out today & tomorrow, sebab tak buat backup kt hardisk.
Therefore, SORRY IN ADVANCE if orders are delayed. waaaaaaaaaa, sgt sedih laptop ilang!

ShawlChantek's Exclusive

:: ShawlChantek's Exclusive Range::
Hi again! The exclusive range is here! Now there is a wider range for you ladies to choose.
This exclusive range is different from our other shawls. why? ok, first of course in terms of pricing. But why is it a bit pricely compared to others??? sebab, these exclusive range comes from more high-quality materials, i.e. Silk Chiffon. And the designs are more eye-catching! :D
For now, ShawlChantek has only 3 designs for this type of shawls. If the market is good, there will be more, insyaAllah.
Hapi shoppeng ladies!
-=Silk Chiffon=-
RM 27
Material Description: Super light material. and i have to say, it's semi transparent. I dont have a human on it yet. but when i felt the material, kene lilit 2 kali br tak transparent sgt. kalau nak pakai 'selempang' macamtu, msti jarang punye~
Material Care: I advice for it to be handwashed ya!Sesal dulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanye..hikhik

Arabian Night (2 Pcs)
1 Sold! - Nabila R.
1 Sold! - Anna

ShawlChantek's Magical Edition

::ShawlChantek's Magical Edition::
RM 16 each
Hello girls~. As promissed, new shawls are here. This time around, i'm opting for something with tones (i'll upload a picture later with humans on it, superbbbbbb sgt!). Pieces are limited, coz I dont know whether u girls like it or not. If there is demand, i'll be sure to upload more!
Thanks for browsing, have a nice day andddd hapi shoppeng! :D
==>Material: Light Chiffon

1 Sold! - Aiya
1 Sold! - Nabihah
1 Sold!- Faezah
1 Sold!- Emy

Laut (5 pcs)
1 Sold! - Izni
1 Sold! - Aizam
1 Sold! -Emy
1 Sold! - Nurul

Hunny (SOLD OUT!)
1 Sold! - Izni
1 Sold!- Hani
1 Sold! -Dyia

1 Sold! - Aizam
1 Sold! - Aishah
1 Sold!- Emy

Glam Brown (2pcs)
1 Sold! - Aizam
1 Sold! - Azlina

Brown Beauty (4pcs)
1 Sold! - Greenict
1 sold! - Redianna
1 Sold!- Syaza
1 Sold! -Nadirah

Paramesium (2 more left)
1 Sold! -Nabila R.
1 Sold! - Hani
1 Sold! - Farah
1 Sold! - Sara
1 Sold! - Anna
1 Sold! - Shaza
1 Sold! - Athiah