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Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Stuff~

March Entry: goodies goodies!
Salam & hello to all. It's March! and new shawls are here! First and foremost, SORRY to announce that mesmerize polka is OUT OF STOCK. i coudln't restock it *sad*. But(dimana ade bad news disitu ada good news juga), I have new shawls which looks like mesmerize blue, but in different colour. For Phink River, Retro Red and Flowery Fushia, all are in stock!
So for those who have placed their orders for mesmerize blue & maybe wanna change with these new colours, I'll give u girls priority first. Shawls are limited, so hurry2~

::Retro is Back, Part 3::
RM 16 each

Smartis (ALL SOLD OUT)
Sold! - Aizam
Sold! - Aleen
Sold! - Jihani
Sold! - Mai
3 Sold! - Hani
1 Sold! -Huda
1 Sold! - Anna
1 Sold! - Shuhada
1 Sold! - Izni
1 Sold! - Norita
1 Sold!- Azlina
1 Sold! -Rafidah
1 Sold!-Syima
1 Sold! - Arien
1 Sold! - Athiah
1 Sold! -Emy
1 Sold! - Faz
1 Sold! - Zaihan
1 Booked! - Ayein
1 Sold! -Dcay

Sarsie (SOLD OUT!)

Sold! -Farah

Sold!- Intan

Sold! - Munirah

Sold! - Hani

Sold! -Izni

Sold! - Syatila

2 Sold! - Huda

1 Sold! - Anna

1 Sold! - Norita

1 Sold! -Redianna

1 Sold! - Syima

1 Sold! - Liana

1 Sold! - Iecha

RM16 each

Phink River (SOLD OUT!)

2 Sold!- Hani

1 Sold! - Nadirah

1 Sold! - Haslinda

1 Sold!-Mai

1 Sold! - Idayu

1 Sold! -Aizam

1 Sold! - Nurliyana

1 Sold!- Nurul Amiera

1 Sold!- Farahin

1 Sold! -Malini

1 Sold! - Noreen

1 Sold! - greenict

2 Sold! - Huda

1 Sold! - Farah

1 Sold! - Ayein


3rd Restock Phink River(10 pcs)

1 Sold! - Dyia

1 Sold! - Azlina

1 Sold! - Izni

1 Sold! -Aishah

1 Sold!-Haniey

1 Sold!- Nurul

1 Sold! - Naz

2 Sold! - Iecha

1 Sold! -Yana

Flowery Fushia (SOLD OUT!!!)

1 Sold! -Niz

1 Sold! - Aleen

1 Sold! -Aizam

1 Sold!- Farahin

1 Sold! - Hani

1 Sold! - Farah

1 Sold! - Tok Mami Cik :D

1 Sold! - Nadiah

Retro Red (6 pcs)

1 Sold! - Fai

1 Sold! - Nadirah

1 Sold! - Nabila R.

2Sold!- Hani

1 Sold! -Syaza

1 Sold! - Nurul

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taking Pre-Order now~

::Taking Pre-Order for Phink-River, Mesmerize Blue, Flowery Fushia::

Hello ladies. It's going to be March soon, and I am gonna restock like nobody's business!!! :D
Oleh itu, kamu-kamu yang sangat2x nak Phink River, Mesmerize Blue, Flowery Fushia (the popular ones), boleh order sekarang, so that i know how much to kaut nanti.

Boleh leave a message kt with the SUBJECT: Pre-Order MARCH.
pastu order je la ape korang nak, insyaAllah, I will get them for u. Last booking is until 28/2/09. so cpt2 ye place order2 nyeee~. Tengkiu bebeh!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Special Day, Special Price

::Funk Retro Edition::

Heejau wearing Funky Bunky Black-white. tQ 4 the pic!

::Long Funk-Retro Shawls::
RM 14 each
2 for RM26

Back to the 70's
(Purple, Brown, Orange, Blue)


(Brown, Lime gReen)

Lime Green: SOLD

Polka Frenzy
(Red-black, Green, White-Red, White- Black)


English Rose
Lime: SOLD!

Purplish Petal
Sold!- Anna

(Brown, Black)
Black-Sold Out!

Brown -Sold Out!

Innocently innocent (2pcs)

Sold!- Nadiah

Diagonal Stripes

(Purple, Black)

Funky Bunky
From left: Phink, Blackish grey, Purple, Blackcurrent
Blackish Grey: Sold!

::Long Plain Chiffon-Georgette Shawls::
RM14 each
2 for RM26

01: Dark Choc - Sold! (Niz)
02: Choc Brown
03: Light Cream-Sold!
04: Mocha -Sold!

05: Light purple- SOLD

06: Grey SOLD

07: Whitish-phink SOLD

08: Coral Phink- SOLD!

09: Creamy Phink SOLD!

10: Brink Phink -SOLD!

11: Sunny Yellow - SOLD!

12: Light Blue -SOLD

13: Dark Purple-SOLD

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bring in the Retro-part 2

::Retro Edition, part 2::

Hello girls. First and foremost, nak ucap BYK2 TERIMA KASIH for the overwhelming requests & orders. i reaaaaalllly100x appreciate it!
So this are SOME new designs yg korang dok mintak2 sgt ni. tapi kan, ade lagi tau a few more yg tak dpt masuk dalam blog. InsyaAllah, maybe tomorrow i will upload the rest sbb shawls yg lain tu still kt UPM utk FONESTA09 aritu. ShawlChantek lom ade peluang nak ambil balik lagi.

Happy viewing & buying. ShawlChantek won't be restocking until bulan March. So kalau yang ni abeh, kire abeh laa..kene tunggu bulan dpn pulak. There are 2 types of Shawls here. Yg chiffon ngn polyester. yg chiffon it will be slightly expensive.but no worries, u wont regret buying them. me myself dah amik utk diri sendri sbb geram~..ngahaha...taa!
kalau gmbr tk beberapa memuaskan (mr. buan is busy now), pls email me, and i will PERSONALLY send u a photo with a model wearing the shawl yg u girls minat oki!

::Flora Long Chiffon::
RM 15 each

Floral in Coral Red (2 pcs)


Floral in Mustard (2pcs)

::Retro Long Chiffon::
RM16 each

Orange Sorbet (4pcs)


1 Sold! - Aleen

1 Sold!- Beeha

1 Sold! - Ayein
1 Sold!- Nadirah Faiz

Flowery Fushia (4 pcs)
1 Sold!
1 Sold! - Anna
1 Sold! -Melle
1 Sold! - Fai

Mesmerize Polka (2 pcs)


1 Sold! - Miss N.

1 Sold! -Di

Upsy-Daisie (2 pcs)
1 Sold! - Anna
1 Sold! - Hani

Retro-Red (2 pcs)
1 Sold! - Jihani
1 Sold! - Fairuz

Batik Stripes (2pcs)


human wearing Polka frenzy in Black-White

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ShawlChantek on humans-Season 2!

Shawls on Humans!
Season 2

Maybe you can have a better idea how these new shawls look on you! happy viewing!
*Credit to Mr. Buan for the shots. Thanks!
**Thank you too, to my beloved customer, cpm Honey Nurhaliza *wink* for modeling ShawlChantek's shawls! I really1000x appreciate it!
I welcome with open arms for other ladies yang nak hantar gmbr diorang modelkan shawl dari ShawlChantek.

cpm honey nurhaliza modeling Raffles Phink

cpm Honey Nurhaliza modeling the ever popular Phink River

Model wearing Retro-colourful! cantek kan shawl ni!

In Retro-Blue

Plain Georgette Chiffon shawls in Grey matter

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bring in the Retro!

::Retro Edition::
RM 16 each
Helo ladies. February is here! and new shawls are lined up just for u. This time around, i've chosen something more funky and bold, rather than flowery ones. I've only taken a few, takot plak korang tak suke funky n bold. and oh ya, shawls kali ni are aprrox. 1.6~1.7m. :D ramai yg request pjg2 neh.
Hapi Shoppeng gals!

Retro-Colourful (SOLD OUT!)

LATEST 23/2: 4 new available!..cpt2~nnti sold out lagi!

1 Sold! - Dayah

1 Sold! - Suzie

1 Sold! -Fatin

1 Sold! - Aleen

1 Sold!- Hani

1 Sold! - Farah

1 Sold!- Jihani

Red Swirl (2 pcs) (SOLD OUT!)
1 Sold! - Dayah
1 Sold! -Ayein

Phink River SOLD OUT and no more Stock..

1 Sold!- Hani

1 Sold! - Dayah

1 Sold! - Nabila

1 Sold! - Jehan

1 Sold! -Nad

1 Sold! -Nadirah

1 Sold! - Aleen

1 Sold! - Fairuz

1 Sold! - Farah

1 Sold! -Melle

1 Sold! - Sufie

1 Sold!- Miss N.

Retro-Brown (SOLD OUT!)
1 Sold! -Dayah
1 Sold! -Ayein
1 Sold! -Kakak Aiya, hee~
1 Sold!- Kak Fiza
1 Sold! - Nadiah
1 Sold- Irna

Retro-Blue (SOLD OUT!)
1 Sold!- Melle
1 Sold! - Nad
1 Sold! - Anna
1 Sold! - Aiya
1 Sold! - Fairuz