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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love for Pash!

::Love for Pash::

Im sure all of u have heard or wore pashminas before. Not going to waste my time, here are the latest collection of pashminas I got..just for all of u ladies. It can be worn as a tudung, or just around ur shoulder :)

I have 10 colours altogether to share. The nice thing is, these pashminas have 2 tones of the same colour, so bila lilit kt kepala tu, macam ade vibe lah..tkdela flat here they are!

Two-Tone Pash
1 for RM15,
2 for RM26

Bright Blue: Sold!

Pink-purple - Sold!

Rich green- SOLD!

Nescafe- 1 pc available

Turquoise - SOLD OUT

Just White - SOLD!

Caramel - 1 pc available

Dark Blue - 1 pc available

Brownies - 1 pc available

Black- Sold!