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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ShawlChantek's Clearance Sale!

::ShawlChantek's 1st Stock Clearance Sale!::
19-31st January 2010
Sale sale sale! Asal stock clearance? mau tutup kedai ka? eh takk lah..we are still standing strong, but we are running out of space! Oleh itu, stok2 shawls yang last year punya, we are having great markdown prices! Here, i've snapped all the shawls and numbered them. tapi kalau nak get a better picture, leh browse kt 'RM17 shawls' punya link..hapi grabbing!!
::Shawls No. 1-5::
RM13 only!

::Shawls No. 6-10::
RM15 only!

::Shawls No. 11-14::
RM13 only!

::Shawls No. 15-20::
RM13 only!