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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ShawlChantek's Exclusive

:: ShawlChantek's Exclusive Range::
Hi again! The exclusive range is here! Now there is a wider range for you ladies to choose.
This exclusive range is different from our other shawls. why? ok, first of course in terms of pricing. But why is it a bit pricely compared to others??? sebab, these exclusive range comes from more high-quality materials, i.e. Silk Chiffon. And the designs are more eye-catching! :D
For now, ShawlChantek has only 3 designs for this type of shawls. If the market is good, there will be more, insyaAllah.
Hapi shoppeng ladies!
-=Silk Chiffon=-
RM 27
Material Description: Super light material. and i have to say, it's semi transparent. I dont have a human on it yet. but when i felt the material, kene lilit 2 kali br tak transparent sgt. kalau nak pakai 'selempang' macamtu, msti jarang punye~
Material Care: I advice for it to be handwashed ya!Sesal dulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanye..hikhik

Arabian Night (2 Pcs)
1 Sold! - Nabila R.
1 Sold! - Anna