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Friday, May 15, 2009

ShawlChantek welcomes Butang Chantek!!!

::A warm welcome to Butang Chantek!::

Well, have we been promoting blogs this week! Well, before the weekend kicks off, ShawlChantek wants to share another blogshop named Butang Chantek!. No, they are not selling butangs or buttons, but Butang Chantek was created to cater blouse2 cuuuuteeee utk gadis2 kt luar sana. To people who are wondering, "ni ShawlChantek punye blog gak ke?"..well, it's kinda obvious coz trademark "Chantek" tu dah di adapt dalam nama Butang Chantek' ...heee~
Please please visit us and tell your friends yea. InsyaAllah kalau the sambutan is great, we'll add more pretty blouses in the future! till then, have a noice weekend !!!! :D (sgt excited dah nak weekend)

*please click on icon to surf ButangChantek!*