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Friday, June 26, 2009

Joli July, Part 1

::Joli di Bulan Julai, Part I::
RM17 each
*material: Light Chiffon*
Yep, the title sounds joli and juling..haha, opted was something funnie this month. Pls welcome the first edition of July. (although its still June, tp tak kesah la)..Hapi Shopping ladies!

Fiesta in Purple (6 pcs)
2 more left!
Note: This design is similar to previous Fiesta's design, only this one is not silk, whilst the previous one is.
1 Sold! - Zarina
1 Sold! - Melissa
1 Sold! - Munie

Fiesta in Green (4 pcs)
One more left!

1 Sold! -Zatil

1 Sold! - naz

1 Sold! - Dyla

Siput Dots (8pcs) *restocked*(one more left)
1 Sold! - Zarina
1 Sold! - Sakura
1 Sold! - Zaza
1 Sold! - Fadz
1 Sold! - Nor Fa
1 Sold! - Kay
1 Sold! - Amira

Square One (4 pcs)
1 Sold! - Nor Fa
1 Sold!- Fadz