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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ShawlChantek's Booth at Showru Cafe!

::ShawlChantek at Showru Cafe 11 July 09::

Halu ladies! Good news! :D we'll be participating with A Fair Weekend on the 11th July 2009, starts 12pm-8pm. Hope to see all of you gals/guys kat sana nanti. I'll attach the map for your reference (to tell u the truth, i pon tatau exactly where the place is :D). ShawlChantek will be collaborating with ButangChantek, Oh-Sweetness!, and a couple of friends with yummy2 goodies.

You can expect all shawl collections at special prices. You'll receive a free gift jika anda membeli 3 shawls! so kumpul2 kawan2, kakak2, makcik2, jiran2, meh dtg booth ShawlChantek ye! Masa ni laa nak belek kain shawl, cipon ke, silk ke, polyester ke, okie!
Cara-cara memakai shawl pon akan ada demo nanti upon request :P
p/s: we will reveal NEW NEVER SEEN BEFORE shawls kt booth nnti. so be the first to tgk! kt blog shawlchantek takde lagi ni! :D

VENUE: SHOWRU CAFE, SS7, KELANA JAYA (Sebelah stadium Kelana Jaya)


TIME: 12PM - 8 PM.

Hope to see my customers and newcomers too! :D see youu there!!!!!

*map nak pergi ini Showru Cafe, jgn tersesat, anything, cn email me for more direction guides*
Ladies, for those yg ckp map kat atas ni tak clear, pls visit this link from Google Maps to get a better view. kat sini, I have made one direction from the federal highway to ShowRu cafe utk menyenangkan anda semua.
hope to see you ladies there! :D
p/s: Landmarks near ShowRu Cafe: Stadium MPPJ Kelana jaya, Tasik Kelana Jaya, LHDN Kelana Jaya. Thanks !