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Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Engagement Shawls!

::Engagement Shawls::
RM60 each
Hello Ladies! The awaited shawls are finally finished & I've managed to 'melaram' for photography purposes. These shawls are made for my customers; Munie and Ecar. Here are some pics so you can have a clearer picture and better imagination on these 'engagement shawls'. Orders are still coming in, but you have to be a bit patient lah..these are the last batch before Raya. Next orders semua after Raya yea..
Happy viewing, and if you like to order, just email me with your request of what colour shawl u want. InsyaAllah, I'll try to make it happen for you! :D
3 new colours(as requested).
my fav is the peach, very sophisticated colour!
Engagement Shawl in Lilac

Engagement Shawl in Vanilla

Engagement Shawl in Peach

Engagement Shawl in dark Grey

Engagement Shawl in Black

Engagement Shawl in Bright Turquoise

Engagement Shawl in Apple Green