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Sunday, November 18, 2012

::ShawlChantek's 103: Hoodie::
Salam ladies. As uploaded in our FB page, this hoodie is selling fast coz it's supereasy to wear.
Just slip on your fav inner and place the hoodie and according to your liking; nk pakai depan sket ke, blakang sket ke, your choice.
Today we uploaded 5 colours that are easy to match with daily attire.
Email to place your order.
Thank you!
Material: Soft Chiffon
Price: RM22 each
Hoodie 01:
Upper layer light pink, bottom layer is light grey. Personally, my fav colour combination :)
Hoodie 02:
Upper layer blackcurrent, bottom layer buttercup yellow

Hoodie 03:
Upper layer Muddy green, bottom layer buttercup yellow

Hoodie 04:
Upper layer: Light Grey, bottom layer blackcurrent

Hoodie 05:
Upper layer Buttercup yellow, bottom layer is light necafe brown