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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ShawlChantek on humans-Season 2!

Shawls on Humans!
Season 2

Maybe you can have a better idea how these new shawls look on you! happy viewing!
*Credit to Mr. Buan for the shots. Thanks!
**Thank you too, to my beloved customer, cpm Honey Nurhaliza *wink* for modeling ShawlChantek's shawls! I really1000x appreciate it!
I welcome with open arms for other ladies yang nak hantar gmbr diorang modelkan shawl dari ShawlChantek.

cpm honey nurhaliza modeling Raffles Phink

cpm Honey Nurhaliza modeling the ever popular Phink River

Model wearing Retro-colourful! cantek kan shawl ni!

In Retro-Blue

Plain Georgette Chiffon shawls in Grey matter