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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taking Pre-Order now~

::Taking Pre-Order for Phink-River, Mesmerize Blue, Flowery Fushia::

Hello ladies. It's going to be March soon, and I am gonna restock like nobody's business!!! :D
Oleh itu, kamu-kamu yang sangat2x nak Phink River, Mesmerize Blue, Flowery Fushia (the popular ones), boleh order sekarang, so that i know how much to kaut nanti.

Boleh leave a message kt with the SUBJECT: Pre-Order MARCH.
pastu order je la ape korang nak, insyaAllah, I will get them for u. Last booking is until 28/2/09. so cpt2 ye place order2 nyeee~. Tengkiu bebeh!