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Monday, August 3, 2009

Awesome August!: Part 1

::Awesome August!; Part I:
RM17 each
*Material: Light Chiffon*

Halu ladies! We meet again in August, sorry yea for the late updates, been busy lately. Anyway, Awesome August is here and to those who missed out our Happy Hour the other day, here are the shawls.. there will be more to come, but August will be a bit slow, as Im preparing for some events. To those yang tanya pasal stock2 shawls tu, very sorry kamu-kamu semua, kadang2 mmg dah abeh stock n tk dpt nk restock..huhuh.. we have limited pieces and usually sapa yg cpt book tu, will be given priority. yg mana boleh restock, ShawlChantek will definately restock for you yeah!

eh dah byk cakap..hapi shopping! :D

Green Luruh (2 pcs)

1 Sold! - Ana

Wormtale White (6pcs)

1 Sold! - Moon

1 Booked! - Hafiza

1 Sold! - Tim

Abstractful *editor's pick!* (8 pcs)

1 Sold! - Moon

1 Sold! - Olin

1 Sold! - Khairun

1 Sold! - Dyla

1 Sold! - Aisyatul