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Sunday, August 30, 2009

ShawlChantek's Superbly September;part 1

::ShawlChantek's Superbly September, Part 1::
RM17 each
Halu ladies! August was kind of slow with uploads, as I was busy with my engagement preparations. Sempena mlm sebelum 31st August ni, I thought 'hey, i upload the new ones for september lah' u are gals, the first edition of superbly September. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish my good friends; Syaida, Aiya, Fifi a Happy birthday in advance~ :)
Happy shopping gals!

Milky Way(6pcs)

material: Chiffon with a mixture of georgette

1 Sold! - Aida

1 Sold! - Anna

1 Sold! - Anim

Thlora Lines(2pcs) *same design as plora&blora lines*

Material: Light Chiffon

1 Sold! -Fatin
1 Sold! - Yanie


Material: Chiffon with a mixture of georgette

1 Sold! - Aisyatul

1 Sold! - Hani

1 Sold! - Wan